Tuesday, 21 May 2019

How PEXA Has Simplified The Property Conveyancing Process?

The concept of online property Conveyancing is not new and we all know how it has revolutionised the entire sector. It has seen several developments in the recent past and one change that has pulled the attention of the masses is the arrival of PEXA that reduced the process drastically along with the paperwork done in the process. Overall, it can be added that the arrival of PEXA has made this process more efficient and now, people will have a better experience while going through it.

What is PEXA?

  • The acronym PEXA stands for property exchange Australia and this is generally an online network that has been developed with some unusual purposes in mind.
  • One of them is to allow property lawyers, Conveyancers, and financial institutions to lodge all the documents through an electronic medium.
  • This has simplified the property Conveyancing process and not to mention that it has streamlined the settlement process also.
  • With PEXA taking care of this, property lawyers would be able to save on costs because then, they will be dispensing with the need for the face-to-face cheque and document exchanges.

Tips for an Easy Experience with E-Conveyancing of property

Follow the Transfer Guidelines

  • There are some transfer guidelines that were created after extensive consultation with the top experts of the industry and it is expected that these guidelines are followed.
  • The benefit of following these guidelines is that it would become very easy to complete all the rules and regulations as well as PEXA settlements.

Refer to Bank Transfer Checklists

You need to go through and follow the checklists provided in relating to bank transfer and with it, it will become very easy to find the answers to the following points.
  • How to send a Discharge Authority (DA)
  • How to contact a bank, if you have an issue
  • Special provisions for business lending
  • Extra information to include in invitations

Some other guidelines to be followed for an easy and simple e-Conveyancing or property are – 

  • You should send invitations early, at least ten days prior to settlement.
  • Have productive conversations to help processes move at a pace.
  • Verbally confirm bank details before uploading to the Financial Settlement Schedule (FSS). 

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Understanding the Concept of Conveyancing Brisbane and Its Components

Often people assume that Conveyancing Brisbane is something that they can do on their own, but experts have a totally different take on this. According to them, no one can adopt the qualities or qualification of a Conveyancer after successfully completing one transaction related to property. In case, you are thinking about doing it on your own, the first thing you need to understand is the very concept and also the components that are so many in numbers. Here in this post, we have covered some of them.

What is Conveyancing?

  • According to the experts of Conveyancing services Brisbane, this is basically a legal process to be followed in all the matters related to real estate deals and transactions. 
  • This would include buying and selling of property, mortgaging, remortgaging, leasing out and so on, as in all these processes, there is the transfer of the legal title of assets from one person to the other or while granting a lien or mortgage. 
  • According to the experts, this process is also brought into use during the movement of a large number of products like electricity, water, and gas, etc.
As said above, there are a number of components included in this task and in this segment of this post; we have discussed some of the top ones.


  • In terms of contracts, the experts of Conveyancing Brisbane working for the seller will draw a contract for the approval from Conveyancer working on behalf of the seller.
  • The contract of the seller should include the boundaries of the property, agreed price of the property and any restrictions regarding its planning.

Searches and Checks

  • These experts of Conveyancing services Brisbane will also be performing different kinds of searches for their respective clients.
  • These checks actually permit them to check with the local authorities regarding the future development or financial liabilities connected with the property.
  • The solicitor of the buyer should also be capable to disclose the presence of a sewer close to the property to his client.

Conveyancing Fees

A certain amount as Conveyancing fees is also paid under various heads while buying, selling or remortgaging a property like –

  • Stamp Duty
  • Land Registry Office Certificates
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fee
  • Legal Fees
  • VAT and Disbursements

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

How to Search For Right Estate Planning Lawyer?

The prospect of finding an attorney to help you craft your estate plan may seem quite challenging. But with a proper plan, the procedure can be simpler than you may think. Getting organized and having a system is half the battle in estate planning, and this definitely extends to finding an attorney.

Steps to Streamline the Process of Finding an Attorney that is Right for you:

Look For Candidates - Start by identifying what you need to achieve with your estate plan. That information will help you decide the type of attorney that you will need. A lot of people need a generalist who can help draft a will, powers of attorney and basic trusts. However, some situations call for attorneys with certain specializations. Similarly, if your case requires legal work in more than one jurisdiction or state, you need to be sure to consider Estate Planning Lawyers who are licensed to practice in all those places. After you know the kind of attorney you require, you can start to build a list of potential candidates. 

Interview The Prospects - Once you have narrowed your list down to your top few candidates, confirm their state bar registration status, and then interview them. You must come prepared for your first meeting with all the information that you will need, including your estate planning summary and any supporting documents. You may trust your instincts and find a lawyer you are comfortable with. 

Try to Analyze Each Attorney's Fees - Price is a key consideration in selecting an Attorney. You must keep in mind how much you can pay and find a lawyer whose fees you can afford. Some attorneys offer a free consultation, while others don't. It is essential to find out what each attorney’s policy is before the meeting. Fee structures for drafting an estate plan can differ as well. Some attorneys charge a flat fee, however, others bill by the hour. 


After you have interviewed your prospects, you must choose the Estate Planning Lawyer which fits best as per your needs, personality, and budget.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Thinking of Contesting a Will?

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document that states who gets a deceased person's property and who will be in charge of settling the estate. A will contest is a special type of lawsuit that seeks to nullify a deceased person's will.

In case you are considering filing a will contest because you don't believe a family member's or friends will properly reflect their final wishes, then you must be aware that the will contests are emotionally draining and quite costly. Since it may involve Conveyancing Costs and others.

If you Still Wish to file a Will Contest despite all of the Costs involved, then you may go through the Steps Mentioned here:-

Check if You Have a Standing

Not everyone can contest a will. Only an individual or entity, such as a bank or charity that has standing can contest a will. Here, standing means that the party involved in the lawsuit will be personally affected by the outcome of the case. If you don't have a standing, then you won’t be able to proceed with a will contest.

File it in a Timely Manner

Even if you have a proper standing to file a will contest, you need to file it in a timely manner. You must know that the State laws where the decedent lived at the time of death dictate the time limit for filing a will contest. It can be as short as a few weeks to as long as a few years. 

Only a limited amount of time is given to file a will contest.This is so that the payment of final expenses and transfer of property to the beneficiaries can be expedited. If you have waited too long to file a will contest, then you will be time-barred from filing one.

Check For The Grounds to Contest the Will

You may have standing and time to contest the will, but you must also have the sufficient grounds to contest it. The grounds may be that the will wasn't signed with the proper legal formalities or the will was acquired by fraud etc.


Proving any one of these grounds is very difficult. Therefore, before proceeding any further, you must assess the evidence you have to back up your suspicions. Also, you will need to consult with a probate attorney who specializes in estate litigation to determine if you have enough evidence to contest a will.