Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Roles Of Conveyancing Solicitors In Selling A Property

As you decide to sell a property, immediately you realise that this is something much more painstaking that you have assumed. One more thing you’ll realise is that this can’t be done successfully without the services of Conveyancing solicitors and you’ll have to hire one at the earliest. However, experts say that you need to be aware of the services they will be offering in property sale related matters and this is what we have covered in this post.

Conveyancing checklist for selling a property

Agreeing to a sale

  • The first role that these professionals will play is finding and negotiating with interested parties.
  • The term "agreeing to sale" also means that you have already fixed a price of the property.
  • This also means setting the wheels in motion for finalising the particulars of the sale.

Provide title deeds

  • Their next role will be to get the title deeds from you if your property has them.
  • Thos can be done once the sale has been agreed.
  • You can also give these deeds to the mortgage lender as in that case, these Conveyancing solicitors and property lawyers will not bother you.

Approve property information form

  • He will also forward towards you, your seller’s property information form.
  • This will include everything to be included in the draft contract.
  • Once you fill this form, his role will be to cross check it in your presence.

Avoiding buyer ambiguities

  • During the selling process, the buyer’s solicitor will inform you of any questions and concerns regarding the property.
  • These questions could also be related to its utilities and items to be included as part of the sale.
  • Here, Conveyancing solicitors working for you should iron out any potential buyer ambiguities and delays further down the line.